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Education is the key to success and therefore among Yowpsud’s key focus areas. YOWPSUD under the education program has: Read More


Yowpsud is aware that health facilities in Kenya are poorly distributed in hospitals, maternal and child mortality rates have been increasing ever since. Retrogressive cultures such as Female genital mutilation, forced and early marriages, stigma and discrimination among Hiv/Aids patients are among Yowpsud’s key concerns. Yowpsud through the health program will liaise with both the national and county government to: Read More

Conflict and Peace Building:

In the recent past Kenya has been adversely facing insecurity concerns, which impedes peace and tranquility in many parts of the country. Tribalism and negative ethnicity is evident among many Kenyan communities. Read More


Good governance is the foundation on which a society is built, and thus it is indispensable for the development of a country. The process of decision-making and the process by which decisions are implemented (or not implemented). Read More


Yowpsud upholds to a clean and healthy environment free from all forms of pollution with an aim of ensuring sustainable development, which refers to development that meets the present days’ demands without compromising the ability of the future generation from meeting theirs. Read More


Gender mainstreaming is a vital component among Yowpsud objectives. Yowpsud through gender and social development programmes is: Read More

Economic Empowerment

Unemployment in Kenya has for a long time been the root problem to a myriad of insecurity situations experienced in many parts of the country, those majorly affected being the youth and women who form the greater population.
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