Economic Empowerment

Unemployment in Kenya has for a long time been the root problem to a myriad of insecurity situations experienced in many parts of the country, those majorly affected being the youth and women who form the greater population. Youths feeling of hopelessness and marginalization has further exacerbated indulgence to formation of radical groups with radical ideologies. Through the economic empowerment programme; Yowpsud is cognizant of the 30% procurement opportunities given to young people, women, PLWD among other special groups, and therefore intends to:

  • Create awareness among the special groups on the significance of having an organized group in accessing     employment opportunities.
  • Partner with registered and existing youth and women companies to aid in accessing tender opportunities.
  • Establish and strengthen linkages with likeminded authorities, departments, CSOs among others in enhancing     economic empowerment among young people in the country.
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